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To all of our amazing followers:

We’ve opened our Etsy shop today! To celebrate this and to spread the word we are holding a reblogging contest! The prize? One item of your choice available in our shop, for free! Shipping is included of course (unless you live in a place where they need to deliver it by dragon or submarine). Custom items also count, we’re only opening once \o/

Reblog rules:

  • Reblog this entry between right now and Sunday, 17th of June, 3 PM Central Time / 10 PM GMT.
  • One of you will be randomly chosen as the winner.
  • We will ship your chosen item on Monday, 18th of June.
  • Reblogging once is enough, but liking it won’t count, sorry.
  • You can pick any item you like under €10, which most of our stuff is ;p

We will contact the winner through their Tumblr inbox, so stay tuned this Sunday!

Above are just a couple of items we have available, so be sure to check out our Etsy shop too :D

~ Petesy & Nordica


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